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I’ve noticed this afternoon that when using any of the elements in free mode in conjunction with a VCA, there is really noticeable stepping which causes unpleasant crackling. I’ve tried this with Blinds, Ripples and Warps and it’s the same on each.

I have also, a few times, come across a free (or once I think a KB grouped) element that could not be edited for no apparent reason, all other elements can be edited as expected.

I seem to have occasional weirdness also with the hold buttons on the strips which will once every now and then just not engage until a restart or a new preset is loaded.

A few times I have found myself in a KB group state where once of the elements seems to be stuck and outputs a constant gate and note info resulting in the voice always jumping back down to it. Again, this seems to continue until a reset of preset load.

I’ve bumped into all of these today but other than the 1st one, I’ve been unable to identify what has caused them or repeated the problems at will.