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I think there are some general issues regarding multiplexing frequency or general event scheduling. I’ve found multiple problems regarding timing or loss of information when doing too many things at once:

* Touches on keys are registered with slight latency that seems to vary every time. Sometimes it’s nearly unnoticeable, but it can get into definitely noticeable territory.
* Sometimes keys get “stuck” – arches seems to not notice that I let go of the key and just continues to hold it down until I touch it again and let go.
* When using the hold-function of the arpeggiator, often times arches will not hold all the keys that I pressed, but rather just a subset. I’ve experimented with very deliberately letting go of all keys at the same time, but it doesn’t seem to matter – often it works, but sometimes just a subset of the keys is held.
* When syncing the Arpeggiator to an external clock, the arp will not properly follow the clock signal – this is specifically dependent on the clock speed and a faster clock does not necessarily produce worse results. I had situations where some clock speeds were followed solidly, but if I dialed the speed down just a tiny bit, the arp would start to shift in a weird way that was almost akin to swing – some steps were definitely not executed on time. I’d hope for the arp to simply trigger the next note whenever the clock input goes high, thus being a) very tight and b) allowing for odd/modulated clock rhythms as well.

Personally, I think these timing-related issues are the most frustrating part of my experience so far. They hinder performance because I get afraid of doing anything too quickly and push me towards making very slow and deliberate gestures when I try to perform. I think trust in your instrument is very important, so any improvements you could make in this regard would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure these sorts of issues can be fixed and I’d guess it mainly comes down to optimization. I’ve had similar issues in my own projects and I assume that this was probably not the highest priority when trying to get the firmware to be feature complete, so I’m not worried at all about these issues showing up, but I’d very much appreciate a solution at some point.