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Davide Mancini

Hello to everyone!
First of all thanks for reporting things directly here in the forum.
Regarding Noah’s points, I think that your unit has something different from the others.
While we use hot glue to strenghten the connection between the display and pcb support (more on this later), the plastic transparent protection should be connected to the pcb also with 3M VHB bihadesive strips. This is an hi-performance (and very expensive) structural adhesive that, in our produciton plan, would have been sufficient to keep everything fixed rigidily.
Due to very small height differences in the pcb surface (copper fills VS naked PCB surface) the outcome was less than expected so we
integrated the
If your unit doesn’t have the four corners of the glass/display combo glued to the pcb shoudln’t have left the laboratory. It probably was one of the units that we used to do curation testing on this aspect.
I will ask you to contact us directly to manage the swap with a full-spec one (
Regarding the display/glass mounting. We found, during the mass production for the Kickstarter campaign, that the small flat of the display it’s actally pretty
stiff and the force it exerts on the tape is sufficient to loose it a bit. Again, given that no more ‘aestethic’ glues exists for the material’s pari glass/polycarbonate, we decided to use the hot glue method. We tested the units for several days with this type of bonding and we didn’t notice degradations.
Obviously I take in your critics and I assure you that they are valued a lot. The display and pcb monunting could have been analyzed better,
Another impact of the display ‘difficulty’ is that this phase takes a lot of time to complete and it have to be done really carefully to align the display at his best.
I would also reply about the pcb right mount. There is a little disalignment with the connector’s position that put a little force on the right IDC.
Of course with a 40cm long pcb and the SMT components it can happen that you have up to .5mm of displacement in big components and this can lead to this kind of imprecisions.
This have been evaluated to be non-dangerous for the integritiy of electrical connections but, yes, it is something that could have been done differently (altough more complex, like flat connectors and more ‘screws’ to keep the pcb together.
The aspect of the sensitive PCB that is also a user interface (holes, jacks, buttons, is at the same time the plus and the minus of the product.
By having the sensitive surface as the main pcb you are facing several limitations in development. At the beginning (arches) was divided in two modules and it was an eurorack module without its enclosure.
To reply also to amiles02, the paragraph above is the main reason that we can’t have a flush, no screws, mounting of the panel (at least without resorting to some sort of adhesive. The six screw holes can’t be made countersunk on the PCB, the machining is just not possible with a good result.
Thanks for yor interaction!