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Davide Mancini

Hello to everyone!
Just to let you know that testing is going well and we are near 1.0.0 release!
The following video shows a composite performance (via MIDI, in this case) of every object and function playing together.
In the video there are three trigger sequencer tracks (bass drum, hi hat, snare) that outputs selected notes on midi channel 10 (and on three output jacks)
For each track you can select the track length (1-8), the note (trigger) length, the clock divider (from 1 to 16) and the type (we kept the same list as arpeggiators and steseq, so you can go up, down, random etc..).
There is also the stepsequencer that is modified in realtime with regards to the note length. The stepsequencer is based on the 8 lightstrips and you can setup many different paarameters. Clock division, step number, seq type (up,down,etc..) and gate length are the basic ones. You can also setup midi channel and two modes: free and note. In FREE mode the stepsequnecer will output a configurable CC# on midi and a plain, un-quantized voltage on CV jack. In NOTE the output will be quantized and you can choose the base octave, the octave span of the lightstrip (1-4) and the scale (chromatic, major, minor, pentatonics, etc…).
For most of the functions you can select also to avoid sending out the midi messages, to keep the channel clean of unwanted messages; just select ‘–‘ instead of the channel number.
other features you are observing in the video are the already present free sliders (the two right-hand sliders control two parameters in Live) adn two keyboards, KB3 with the arpeggiator active and KB1 that trigger the pad sound.
Keep testing the thing!