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Davide Mancini

Hi amiles02!
Yes, the process of opening the product is less than ideal. As I already pointed out (and actually realized myself later), (arches) has been designed first as an eurorack module than a standalone products. This made us downplay any real ‘user friendliness’ in handling that normally is not required in eurorack!
People is more or less used to opening, unscrewing, connecting and disconnecting things.
On the other hand your (and many more other) suggestion is really useful to us to understand the requirements of customers.
There is, in theory, the possibility to upgrade via USB by booting up in a particular way were the SD card is seen by the host PC as a mass storage device and you can just drag and drop your files. We will experiment with this and check if it’s really robust. It may be part of one of the next releases of the firmware.
For now we want to make sure that evrything is working OK!
Regarding the central screws, also in this case their position is meant to be the most ‘balanced’ from a mounting standpoint and not an aestethic one, but I can understand this evaluation.