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Thanks for 1.1. It’s definitely a lot closer to what I was expecting. Here’s some thoughts/findings from today’s testing.

Clear All option – trying to start with a blank slate and for reason’s I can’t work out, cannot assign outputs 4 and 5 even though I’ve checked all the KBs and options I could but couldn’t find anything.

The step sequencer is crying out for the top button of each strip to act as an on/off mute type button.

When using the 3rd strip on the left hand side as a free element, the hold button does not become active regardless of what I do and the strip cannot be held.

The top 5/6 button bleed issue is still very much there, as is a triggering of the right hand strip and button on the left if your hand brushes the soundmachines logo in the middle.

An output reset would be useful (panic button) as I’ve found myself getting randomly stuck notes using cv/gate which I can only unstick by pulling the power.

I would still find being able to edit all of the elements from the same context menu more useful that in/out/move/in as present. ie. Press gate edit button set gate, move the left hand encoder to the next element, set the gate setting, left hand encoder again, next element. I just find the edit process really clunky still, more so now we’ve extra layers with the sequencers.

A couple of times I’ve *lost* the led on the top left hand strip element. It still works as it’s supposed to but for some reason the LED just decides it’s not going to light (hard reboot fixes).

Slightly odd bug with the trigger sequencer earlier that I’ll need to try again. I had the bottom row set to 7 steps and all the other steps set to 8 but what was happening was the other channels were sounding 7 steps and a rest (the 8th beat of the bar was not sounding even though it was sequenced), starting/stopping and changing the step count on the first row seemed to fix this though.