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Hi Davide and SM team. Agree with dfyans about 1.1
I was focusing mainly on sequencer features and has the same observation with trigger sequencer.
1st one is definitelly influencing other trigger sequencers when running in parallel. If I change 1st trigger seq to less steps than it is influencing all other trigger sequencers. this happens only with 1st trigger (bottom row) and did not observe similar this with trigger 2-5
e.g. when 1st has 7 steps and other has 8 than 8 on other is not active or when channging this during running I cant switch of (mute) trigger on others, when step is active on the others it will switch on this step again. It look like for proper functioning you cant use less than 8 step trigger on first one (bottom row).

agree with dfyans also with mute or gate off for step sequencer, this will be really nice feature.