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Davide Mancini

We will upload 5 more presets, including th orginal three in the new format.
To spend a few more words than written on the manual.
The new functions of this firmware: sequencers and midi clock/exclusion/routing, plus the ‘tansport’ functions modified extensively the underlying data structures.
Between managing versions of the early fw’s data stracture (and investing at least one more week in dev time) we choose, FOR THIS VERSION, to get rid of the
preset in the old format.
Sure it’s an inconvenience, but it was more important from us to fulfill the demand for the complete firmware.
I repeat, this is one-off. Next releases will not imply this.
To be more detailed, we developed a preset version control that will allow us to use ‘old’ presets (from 1.0.0 on) on new version thanks to a different approach in data serialization inside of the file. In practice, when you will load an old preset made with this version in a future fw revision, it will load all the data included and take note of the data that are not present yet.
Tonight I will upòload a new file with the three original preset plus two more (trigger seq and stepseq)