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Davide Mancini

Hi guys, trying to reply to some of your reports, others are under examination.

-locked 4 and 5 outputs.
Those are assigned BY DEFAULT to the thumbpads gates. You shoudl be able to input ‘–‘ on the gate button menu and have those available!

-3rd strip ‘hold’ not working.
Can’t reproduce this. Do you have some more info on what configuration have been made before seeing this behaviour?

-step mute button.
This is something to take into consideration. We have discussed about muting steps but the reverted to one of the trigger sequencer tracks for this duties.

-5 and 6 buttons.
As I wrote down before the release, we changed some thresholds in the firmware to ‘mute’ this behaviour. Actually there is a ‘suboptimal’ track position near the button 6 led and INSIDE of the overlay hole. When your finger touch the track the button is seeing activity. This is something that is coming from the fact that the first version of the overaly aesthetic had ROUND holes for the upper keyboard. The overlay then covered every other traces.
We hardened the threshold but as you point out (this is something that has also to do with parameter distribution , as the behaviour is different on different products. I have 6/7 arches here and only two, for example, expose the activity on the sundmahcines logo (I’ve never seeen this!) and the other have different behviours on button 5 and 6. I don’t know what are the potential improvement that we can take with this issue, we are thinking about more ‘smart’ solutions but they are not 100% clear up to now.

-MIDI: USB HAVE to work! I tested with many devices, PC and MACS. Please be sure to have set, on the CONFIG menu, the USB medium on MIDI I/F.
The USB endpoint is ALWAYS active so the PC/MAC will see the (arches) even if the data are being sent on the DIN connectors or the bluetooth channel and nothing shows up on the USB midi channel.

-TOP LEFT slider led LOSS.
I’ve been successfull in reproducing this. We are working on this.. should be something easy to fix!

-PANIC extension to CV/GATE due to lock up
I didn’t experienced this. We can expand the panic behaviour to CV but I would like to have more info (i’ll keep trying myself to stimulate!) on what, in your opinion , can cause this! It would be very helpful.

Finally, I’ve found some more little bugs myself, so I tell you some workarounds, to avoid them until next fixing release:

“blank slate status”, I discovered this in managing the preset #3:
OUTPUT management has a bug where, if you want to set every control as a FREE one, you have to disable the keyboards (startup preset) in order: KB1, KB3 and KB4.
If you don’t follow this, you free everything but the 17, 18 and 19 outputs!

“USB abrupt cable detachment”
If you detach the USB cable while you are sending data to PC/MAC, the (arches) will most problably HANG. It just freezes until you put the cable back in, when it will resume operation!
We are trying to understand this behaviour as it’s not completely clear how this is happening.

Talk to you soon!