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It’s good that people are uploading suggestions for improvement. This is the way to get the functions we’d like to see implemented. Everyone please comment in favour of any suggestions that you like. Davide will work first on suggestions which receive the most support from users.
Maybe it would be an idea to set up a Google spreadsheet so that we could all add 1-10 scores in favour, or not, to indicate the popularity of each suggestion?

I like these (my favourites at the top of the list):

Having the option to set min and max value of touch strip. and maybe even a value for each corner of the pad so you blend between the four corners.

Free attenuation – It’s cool that we can choose 5 or 10v for free cv elements but it would be super handy having some onbaord attenuation available too (very much like Pam’s new workout % attenuation parameter) as this would give us scope to use the full ‘throw’ of a strip to control sweeter spots (eg, on a 5v setting, a % attenuation of 20% would give us 1v to sweep a filter rather than having to only use a small area or other modules).

Toggle Option: Particularly for the top row of buttons, it would be very nice to be able to set the button to toggle a gate on or off instead of having to hold the button. Bonus points if you can freely assign a voltage output for the “off” and “on” state.

CLOCK MODE: It would be good if previous system settinghs (USB/DIN choice and clock mode settings) were retained after a power down.
Perhaps the clock mode settings could also be saved within patterns?
Also, can you make it a user option that arches powers up and loads the last used pattern file?

Mute or gate off feature to step sequencer on top part of lightstrips

Multiple outputs on one key. e.g. have a touch strip send to multiple outs with different CV range settings.


Sequencer transposing (optionally from an external MIDI or CV source)

Keyboard modes for Mono, Legato, last note, first note, etc

Chaining of trigger sequencers. to make more complex patterns.

Free tuning – user-defined tuning scales

Overlays or what ever to call it – The possibility to setup the arches so you can have multiple keyboards on the same keys. And use for instance top row buttons to switch between keyboard

Smoother programming – This may be a personal thing but I can’t help but feel that my configuration experience would be smoother if when moving the left knob to select an element to configure, it stayed on the gate/note/aux/etc page I was on rather than jumping back to the overview. I think I’d be happier being able to bounce around and setup a bunch of elements into the same KB group, then assign them all a pitch for example that in out in out etc.

A tap tempo would be really handy