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I’ve been unable to use my gear for a few weeks and today sat down again with Arches to try to setup some useful overlays and I’m finding the whole thing very much like grinding teeth. I’d like to hear how everyone else is getting on with it but I find myself getting lost/stuck/disenchanted trying to just make what feels like it should be really simple overlays.

I figured it’d be handy to make every available element apart from the XYZ pads into one single keyboard and after about a million button presses (and half of those were going back into the menu I needed because I’d somehow come out of the thing I was trying to dial in), I just couldn’t seem to make any progress and managed to unnasign some of the keys from the KB they part of but wasn’t then allowed to assign them to the KB i wanted to.

I’d love to see the way that elements are locked up addressed (ie. let us assign anything to any group whether it’s currently assigned to another KB or not please) and more importantly, the way that elements are assigned totally overhauled. It’s so counterintuitive to have to come out of the assign page, move the cursor, go into another page, come out again when trying to edit KB notes or groups of things.

I want to love this instrument, the interface is really, really making it hard for me to get to a stage that I can actually use it for what I’d like to.

Anyone else got any thoughts?