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I generally tend to be pretty chill with stuff as I know how much work go in to making a product… but tonight I was going to to use the arches in a live ambient set for the first time together with two more people… unfortunately my bumpy bike ride to the venue was enough for the PCBs in the arches to disconnect and when I tried loading my patern at the sound check I couldn’t get the machine to respond. I suspected bad connection or something so I just unhooked it and tried my best to just patch the cable to MI Grids and any free envelopes/lfos I had which in the end worked out fine luckily.
But it’s not feeling supergreat that the expensive piece of gear I kickstarted fail at my first performance…

As soon as I got home I unscrewed the arches and checked and surely the PCBs were disconnected. My lesson from this is to never go on a gig with out a full set of screwdriver bits.
So my advice to you is to redesign the pcb and add some mounting screws to the pcb in the next revision! This product don’t feel ready for the “harsh” life of touring imo.

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