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Ciao Davide

Grazie mille for the external clock fix!

I have erased the presets and loaded firmware 1.0.7 with a fresh copy of the presets.

The Seq UI still turns off on the first cycle with the external clock enabled, and then goes into a mode where all the lights are off and flash once. On and flashing on activation would be helpful, same as how it works for internal.

The Trigger Seq settings are not loading correctly from a new preset. Steps to reproduce:
1. Start with the default preset that loads when powered on.
2. Enable the Step Seq. This should have a default setting of up/1/16%/8/Free etc
3. Enable all of the Trigger Seqs. You should only need to Enable them, they are initialized with up/1/16%/8
4. Save new preset, I used 5
5. Power off.
6. Load preset, I used 5
7. Trig Seq 1 does not load correctly. Enabled is false, Type is blank, Clock Div is “es minor”, Gate Length is glitched display (I will send you an image via FB). Track Length is 9.
8. Trig Seq 2 does not load correctly. Enabled is false, Type, Clock Div, and Gate Len are blank, Track Length is 1, Mode is glitched display
9. Check the other Trig Seqs–they’ll be out of sorts as well.

Should these steps not work on your Arches, kindly send MD5 or SHA hashes for the files so I can verify that I have the right firmware and presets.

PS. Please consider a web page UI for the configuration. For instance HexInverter’s Mutant Brain has a comparably complex configuration which can be programmed over MIDI with a web page.