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Davide Mancini

Hello, (arches) starts and works as intended even without an inserted SDcard.
Obviously you won’t be able to load/save pattterns but everything is operating.
As you upgraded to 1.0.5 you should be able to do also with 1.0.7.
Trying to describe a more robust procedure:

-Delete every file that are on the root of the SD card (leave the /ARCHES directory as is)
-now, unzip the firmware zip file that’s on the (arcehs) page and, IF NEEDED, rename the hex to: “archesim.hex” wihtout any appended number.
-insert sd card
-press both encoder and give power to arches (you should see the ‘lightshow’ flash upgrade phase and then the arches will boot to 1.00.07

Let me know!