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Davide Mancini

Hi there,
we are working on the last reports about discontinuity in the element assignements etc..
The insertion of stepseq and transpose functions broke some links between config and UI (mainly while trying to be retro-compatible with the preset file format, sic!).
Lookiing at your particular issue I wasn’t able to replicate it. Starting from a cold reset i just set the KB3 and KB4 to FREE and then assigning the sliders CV to outputs, from 1 to 12.
Up to here fine, but I had to disable, in the proceess, the thumbpads gate outputs (on outputs 4 and 5) that by default are active.
After this I could ‘play’ the strips with or without recording/hold etc.. and I also saved those in a preset. Right now I am testing the ‘restore’ part and it seems OK. Please let me know if I did something different OR you can recreate what I did with the same results.
I repeat there ARE some issues with presets and UI configuration but we are currently working on the reports including yours.

Anyway the factory preset #3 is near to what you are looking for, all the sliders are out on individual gate/CV and I use it to test the DACs of the units.