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I’ve unassigned everything, when I scan through the elements using the knob, everything is either — as it should be or set to the output that I’ve assigned. Output 3 is just not an option and it is absolutely not because it’s assigned to something else as I’ve also gone through the thumb pads and unassigned everything related to those (apart from their dedicated outputs).

If I can find the time/energy/willpower to spend another chunk of time fighting with the unfriendly assign procedure I’ll try to set it up again using one of the existing presets as a starting point but man, as far as I’m concerned, this thing is still an awkward, buggy mess and it feels like it’s getting worse as we get more complications as features that I don’t really care that much about get added and break more things. Again, if there was a clear everything/blank state it’d make life easier.

With respect, I don’t want a preset that is *near* to what I want to use, I want the configureable, flexible controller where I can assign whatever I want to whatever output I want that I thought I was buying into.

Here’s an example of the awkward UI that I’ve mentioned earlier that I came across while *working* on this-

I decided once I’d changed all the elements to free that I wanted to change all their range to 10v instead of 5v, for each element, I had to press the select knob and move it to the element and then press the aux button 3 times for EACH change I wanted to make, then press the OK knob, then start again for the next thing I want to change. If the voltage select (or note value, or trig type, etc) stayed ‘in focus’ while moving around to assign this is would make a user friendly workflow and save wear on the hardware.

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by  dfyans.