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Hi guys, yeah, take a look at the top of the .ino I have tried to make it pretty clear?
As far as bits of the code are concerned, the digital input on pin D2 increments a “waveNumber” which cycles through available waveforms which come out of mozzi pin 9, not much difference between the two triangle waveforms but bleh, look slightly different through scope.

And a changing voltage on A5 (C1-2, and LFO) varies the clock division for midi clock input. This then comes out of D13, if you are sending midi clock to the nano synth you should see D13 blink in time with the incoming clock signal. That’s pretty much it except for the regular gate on pin 5 and the DAC functions which I can’t take credit for.
This is unofficial, third party firmware and should be considered to be perpetually in beta. I am a pretty novice coder and it probably isn’t the most elegant code so sorry if you’ve had a hard time navigating it.