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Having a go with the shaped LFO, it has a slower rate but an expressive range, nice.

I find the 101Seq quite confusing with the inputs. I can get a voltage in to record, and trigger out from pin 6 to envelope gate. Clock in eems to work from LFO square wave. However the analog inputs and knob inputs are not clear to me, record on switch is also a bit odd. It sort of records the same note and then rises in pitch playing the same note. I’m sure it’s meant to be more interesting than this! : )

I looked in the code to see where I might attach C1, 2 for the loop in/out points but I think it checks all 5 analog ins. I see it will look at A3 for the record change:

// deal with possible change of record/play mode
i = analogRead(A3)

Still trying to get my head around the pins in general on the board, as they can be different in different sketches this might take me some time!