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Davide Mancini

Dear All,
in apologies for the lack of the Sensor Blocks documentation please have a look at the following picture.
The two SB1 and SB2 have been designed to allow the connection “without other wires” of several components.
As you can see, the position of the 5v, 0V and the common wires are a perfect match for some components:
in particular, SB2 is perfect to add a 9mm standard potentiometer to generate a voltage between 0 a 5 v by simply inserting it in the header.
The SB1, on the other end is more generica and in the picture I use it to connect an LDR (as in a voltage divider circuit) that goes directly (white lead) into the vcf cutoff CV!
Hope this is good to start some more experimentation!!!!!!