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Matthew, OMG I finally managed to upload your gorgeous MODLFO. It is so wonderful. My nano is a crazed chaos machine and I haven’t even brought the envelopes and attenuators into play. OMG.

Paul and everybody who may have had trouble compiling and uploading: Niklas has blessed us with step by step guidance here that provided all the missing pieces that I was missing.

When I compiled the MODLFO sketch after following Niklas’ instructions, I got some things that looked like error messages, but they must have been minor, because I hit UPLOAD anyway and it WORKED. (I guess if the errors were bad it would have refused to upload.)

Anyway thanks so much to Matthew and Niklas, and I hope everybody finds the path to nanomodular joy. Let us know how it goes. And thanks Davide for such a wonderful box of miracles. Please make more! Please make a west coast sibling! And may all your dreams come true!