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Hey again Christian, nice to see someone else that is active!

So… that is what the sensors blocks are for, fanx for the information! Need to look into thoose. I have just been on the arduino/dac/digipot and modular part mostly. This little monster can do allot. 😀

Have only one ns1 yet. Thinking of buying two more this month but I am so up into the programming part.

When I am done with my first firmware I am thinking to put up a git repo with all contributors firmwares with instructions (with there premissions of course).

That because all the FW are so decentralized and can as well disapear tomorrow if the contributor just think it is nothing to have up anymore. That would be a shame because there are some really intresting FW people have developed out there! …

If Soundmachines have it allready that I missed out?