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Wow donturner that looks like an amazing system! I had no idea that Teensy had a visual connect-the-wires programming GUI. Having a soundmachines synth (or any kind of setup) that incorporated it would be fantastic.

However, would a Teensy 3.6 product or board be compatible with the Nanosynth – specifically, the 0v to 5v voltage range? Do you know? Is any arduino-type board inherently compatible with that range? The info available on Teensy is kind of overwhelming, but I think this is the key compatibility question. If they’re not compatible, the units could blow each other out. (I assume that many of us would probably want to be able to connect any future nano to our NS1’s, to have an integrated setup.)

If other users are aware of additional compatibility issues, other than the voltage ranges, please let us know. If these systems are inherently compatible, might that mean that any future Teensy based product would be NS1-compatible, whether or not Davide decides to use Teensy?

I have a related question for current NS1 users. Is having a Leonardo board in any future Soundmachines micromodular product important to you? Would you be open to having different boards or systems incorporated in future nanosynths, as Arduino and other sound synthesis systems continue to be developed? (I would. But maybe some people feel differently.)

Of course, all of this is separate from whether Davide himself is open to the idea. We can brainstorm and share ideas here, but (in my view anyway) Davide can do whatever he wants, it’s his vision and his company. I think the Soundmachines NS1 is an amazing achievement (I have two of them) and a gift to our community, and I want to respect his process and his preferences. If he loves the Leonardo board and wants to keep using it, I’m not going to argue with him. I also want to respect the fact that Davide may have already done considerable work on developing a new product that may be Leonardo based. I am sure we will treasure anything he does, no matter what it’s based on (although I would hope it would be compatible with the NS1).


I have 3 questions for Davide and other people on this board.

1. Are Leonardo and Teensy compatible? I don’t mean software-wise, I mean in terms of the voltages they generate and control. (If the answer is no, perhaps the discussion ends here.)

2. Would users be open to seeing different boards in different Soundmachines jumper-cable-style products, or would they prefer Leonardo all the way?

3. Would Davide like to share his thoughts about Leonardo vs other emerging Arduino related audio approaches?

Maybe there are other questions. Of course there are. Thanks everybody.