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Well my preliminary googling indicates that the Teensy 3.6 board can only handle 3.3 volts – but the 3.5 board (which has most of the same functionality) can handle the full 0v to 5v range. So I ordered one.

Since the Leonardo board is simply present on the NS1, and does not actually support any of its other functions (if I understand correctly), it seems to me that if you want to add Teensy functionality to your modular NS1 system, you do the following:

1. Get a Teensy 3.5 board for $28.25. Get the one with pins, shown here.
2. Attach it to a breadboard and power it with a USB cable.
3. Place it next to your NS1.

If this is true (and I’ll be trying it when my Teensy 3.5 arrives) then it doesn’t matter what board is or isn’t included in future Nanosynths. And, any future revolutionary Teensy hardware or software can be integrated into your growing nanomodular in the same way – just make sure you stick with an option that can handle 5v.

I’m guessing here. If anybody knows for sure, or has already tried this, please let us know. Thanks.