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Hi Davide,

I’ve been making electronic music as a hobbyist for 30 years and have a nice small collection of vintage and modern synthesizers including a Roland Jupiter 4, a Studio Electronics SE1, a Waldorf Blofeld. In the past I have had semi modulars like the Roland System 100 (not M) and a few Korg MS20’s, but haven’t gone fully modular until now. I have little experience with electronics or breadboarding and until I came upon the NS1 had never heard of Arduino.


I have bought an NS1 Nanosynth and after a few weeks of playing with it I declare I love it. I have successfully used Github to load some interesting devices into the Arduino Leonardo. I have also made a breadboard with the dedicated experimental kit with two ring modulators, two oscillators and an Atari Punk on it, that works very nicely.

Now to my question – I’ve made an out board Arduino Mozzi 5 Pot Synth, which I can get some interesting sounds out of, but its connection to the NS1 scares me. I bought the Nanobridge and want to know if I can patch this synth with ns1 style patch wires into the unprotected header and connect the protected header to the Nanosynth?

Thank you for single handedly, completely opening a New world of synthojoy to me.