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    A few ideas I have been thinking about + eventually a place for me (and/or others) to organize Arduino patches

    Simple Sequencers
    Patterns of sequence data could be stored in arrays and programmed beforehand, with selection being either random or along a linear path. Easy and fun to play with.

    Euclidean Sequencers
    Gate patterns would be controlled by euclidean sequencers. With only 2 dedicated control pots on board the controls would be for rotation and density. More controls could be added using Mozzi inputs and CV / Attenuators. I think many sequencers with sequences being selected through with buttons + randomization possibilities would be very fun. It could even end up similar to simple sequences based on the random seed.

    • One or possibly 2 CV DAC sequencers, using Mozzi.
    • 4 CV outputs using the 4 available digitpots
    • Multiple gate sequencers using digital pins.
    • Controls for switching would use the buttons or a combination of buttons
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    Davide Mancini

    Hi there!
    I uploaded a new Arduino sketch on the GitHub where the 4 digipots are functional (in this case they are linked to 4 CC#).
    I am about to publish a quantizer, so a user can play with scales with the ribbon controller!




    Very interested in the quantizer. It would love to build a step sequencer add-on that I can quantize to proper notes and perhaps hack to even quantize to key.



    I can’t seem to edit my post right now, but we need this link here!

    Github page



    Made a really simple gate sequencer that is filled with a new random sequence on every button push. There is only one sequence right now, and I am probably going to add more sequences and ways to change the length of the sequences.

    Github – NS1 Random Sequencer

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