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    Hi there,

    I’ve just started experimenting with uploading sketches to my NS1. So far with mixed success…
    I’m using IDE version 1.5.7 with arcore (the commit from 16 Jan 2015) and the DAC_MCP49xx library (Version 1.1).

    I’ve managed to compile and upload the nanosynth_base_no_digipot sketch ok. The leonardo shows up as a midi device, but as soon as i start sending it midi data my sequencer freezes. After this i need to restart my computer in order to be able to reconnect to the board. So, my question is simply: What IDE/library versions should i be using in order for this to work properly?

    many thanks in advance!


    Davide Mancini

    Hi everyone,
    it seems that there are some problems (mainly speed with complex patches) with Mozzi libs and the last Arduino IDEs.
    There are some (pretty vague) indications on Mozzi’s website but it seems that results are very different for different people.
    We built the production firmwrae with 1.5.6 r2 on a windows machine but I was able to recreate it successfully with a MACOSX installation AND the last IDE.
    For your reference, check out the following writing that I will include in the firmwares:
    Let us know!
    (and, if you have the time, please check out the firmwrae release that get rid of mozzi libs and includes the CC# mapped to the digital pots!)


    With the latest Arduino IDEs there is the possibility to install external hardware cores (boards) from within the application.
    Choose Arduino/Preferences menu itme and type the following in ‘external url for board definitions’:

    This will install the arcore MIDI USB extensions needed to compile the base software of the NS1nanosynth

    To install the MCP4922 DAC driver lib, go to and press the button ‘Download ZIP’.
    Now unzip it to a location of your choice (is not important, the Arduino IDE will take care of copying everything to the right folder) and then choose the Sketch/Include Libraries menu voice. From here select ‘include from zip file’ and select the folder DAC_MCP49xx inside of the folder structure created with the unzipping of the ‘electronics’ github project (electronics-master\Arduino\Libraries\DAC_MCP49xx)



    Following these instructions to the point worked perfectly for me. Thanks Davide for the excellent support and quick reply!

    There was some differences in labeling between the instructions and the IDE i installed, so just to clarify the first paragraph of the instructions, this is what i had to do to install arcore:

    Go to Files->Preferences in the IDE. In the field labled “Additional Boards Manager URLs:”, type
    Go to Tools->Board “<board name>” and select “Boards Manager…”
    Now click on “Leonardo & Micro MIDI-USB (arcore)” in the list of additional boards and click the install button that appears.

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    I think this should definitely go into the manual and soundmachines github:) – I have spent yesterday like two hours solving this same issue until I found this thread.

    Thanks for the instructions!

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