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    We need much more flexibility with regard to assigning the output jacks for the Pitch, Expression and Gate signals.

    We also need complete flexibility in assigning any combination of elements to any keyboard group. We’re very restricted right now to the Arches KB1,2,3,4,5 & 6 selections.



    I’d like to see a Configuration Status window, possibly accessible by turning there left encoder (when not in edit mode). It would show this info:

    Current Preset: xx * (the * would be shown if the currently loaded preset had been edited but not yet saved).

    Tempo: 120 bpm (blank if external clock is selected, unless it can calculate the tempo from the external clock)


    Clock Source: INT/Clk IN/MIDI

    Clock Out: ON/OFF

    Whenever you exit edit mode, this window would be displayed instead of the intro splash screen.



    Can the Arches power up and load the preset which was loaded when last powered down?

    Also, can the previous system configuration be loaded, i.e. tempo, clock data, MIDI data.

    When loading or saving, the preset displayed should be the preset currently loaded. This would mean much fewer button presses and encoder rotations.



    I’ve always had this cognitive issue with the LS1 too but. is there any chance that the bottom of the capacitive strips can be considered as 0v in addition to no touch?

    When trying to use Arches to control a mixer for example, the only way to zero out the channel is to deselect the hold button which makes thing all the more tricky.

    Currently when I scan to the bottom, I measure between 0.1 and 0.2 volts which is definitely significant enough to make a big difference when controlling eurorack modules. I’d even be happy to see it with the option of changing the scaling from linear to something more exponential (selectable of course) but at present (if I can even configure arches the way I want which is a rare thing), it doesn’t really work for me.



    It would be great to have the data from recorded Lightstrips saved into presets for later retrieval



    I’m finding that a few lightstrips are refusing to record. This is fixed by power-cycling arches.



    My comment above also applies to the Hold function, i.e. some lightstrips hold buttons don’t work occasionally. This is fixed with a power cycle.

    (this comment copied to Issues Reporting)

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    (current firmware 1.0.10)

    The arpeggiator is still difficult to program. You have tov hold down the central Hold button while holding the notes you want to arpeggiate. However, there’s no way to edit the arpeggiator. Each time you want to make a change, you have to hold down all the notes and start again.

    Why use the central Hold button to record arpeggiation, when you could use the individual Hold buttons for each note? If you did that, we would be able to select and de-select notes independently while the arpeggiator is running.

    Is it possible to program the Play LED to flash (in time with the current internal or external tempo) whenever anything (Arp, Trig Arp or Arpeg) is playing? It would be a great help when working on sequences, etc.

    Whenever you look at a screen for e.g. Sequence or Arpeggiator, it would be really useful to be able to see the current values next to each item, e.g.


    When you hit Load or Save, it would be good to see the currently loaded preset number.




    I haven’t found any way to shift the “keyboard” up or down in octaves? That is a feature that is quite important.
    It is as now quite limiting to be stuck in the tonal range without possibility to transpose the “keyboard” up or down.
    I know this can be done in the arpeggiator, so why not implement transposition in the normal playing mode?


    Best, Lars




    I have my arches mounted in a eurorack case, when will the 6hp midi breakout panel be released?



    If you are not going to put out a breakout panel, how about you put up a template for drilling the holes that can be printed off (100% to scale and with the hole diameters and centre points) and I can make one myself as I have a spare 8hp panel?

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