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    Davide Mancini

    This topic will host news about firmware releases!



    What is the expected release day for the new firmware?


    Davide Mancini

    We are testing right now the two sequencers (trigger, 5 tracks) and stepsequencer.
    Delivery is very near, we are targeting this weekend for putting our the firmware, we are currently undergoing testing to the new features and checking out some of your signaling.



    Sounds great! Looking forward to test it 🙂
    Will it include a fix for only 5v on gate (even when set to 10v) when using arpeggio that I posted about in the facebook group?



    Any news on when the firmware is out? 🙂


    Davide Mancini

    A little update on the firmware.
    I am currently testing both sequencers running in parallel with arpeggiators. Most of situations are fine, some interaction between the UI and the actual status of the layers (remember that sequencers shares the same physical space’ of the keyboards and you are able to go back and forth with the two touch buttons ‘TRIG’ and ‘SEQ’.
    The trigger sequencers are actually 5, instead of one trigger seq with five tracks. This means polyrhythms, different gate length and clock divisions.
    We took some more time to fix/improve many of the reports you’ve made.
    A big improvement is the use (new!) of the PLAY pushbutton. Now, it will start (and stop) all the previously enabled ‘timed’ functions at once, allowing to have a sync (this makes sense especially for the new sequencers). You can, obviously, enable and disable the single functions as you prefer during the performance by using the menu.
    Regarding the reports of the HOLD engage for the arpeggiators, I have made a rough description on the manual…
    The HOLD will engage solidly (with all the note that are playing) when you push it and release it WHILE you are keeping your fingers on the strips (or buttons) that you want to arpeggiate. It is, on the other hand, quite common to lift off the fingers at the same time from the keys and the HOLD button and this can trigger the ‘issue’ of not having all the notes held correctly. Please try this, I am updating the manual right now along with the other stuff and the procedure to upgrade the units.
    I ask you for some more days of patience, At this point we are testing the new firmware including fixes and I REALLY want to deliver days/weeks/years of fun.



    Sounds great! Looking forward to try all the new features 😀




    Still waiting for a new and improved firmware…



    Fingers crossed this doesn’t turn into another ‘soon’ like the DC1 fw did –

    I’d even just settle for a fw that logically works to be honest as opposed to the current ‘oh this button just stopped working all of a sudden, guess I’d better reboot’ and ‘oh well, I guess I’m not allowed to configure that button to do a thing even though it does things in the weird and not all that useful factory presets’.


    Davide Mancini

    Still fixing several ‘interaction’ bugs between the various functions.
    The MIDI over USB is tested OK (both out and CLK in), now the ‘timed’ functions responds correctly to the incoming MIDI clocks (either USB or DIN) and the overall
    ‘play/stop’ is managed by the PLAY button.
    We have some problems that are a little articulate in ‘reproducing’ between the functions (trig seq + step seq + arpeggiators) so we are taking more time.
    We kindly ask to be patient for some more days as we are zeroing the issues to give you a 1.0 version that is a good one.


    Davide Mancini

    Hello everyone!!!
    Just did a pair of quick videos tonight before coming home.
    We solved a lot of problems, the firmware is still under revision for the most strange use cases, switching of context, changing midi channeles on the fly, and, in general, user’s wanderings.

    I just uploaded two vids to dropbox for a quick view:
    Stepsequencer with scale, playing along three channels of trigger sequencer for drum duties and a couple arpeggiated keyboards.
    Stepseq is quite simple to explain, you have many options like FREE output (0-5V in CV or 0-127 in midi-CC) or NOTE, where you can set midi the base octave, the octave span of the slider, the scale of what you are playing and timing parameters like gate length, clock division and sequence lenght, from 1 to 8.
    Trigger Sequncer is more powerful than we initially planned for. you can set each ‘track’ (up to 5) with different gate length, clock divisions etc..
    Everything is sent to ableton live via USB midi.
    Switching context is easy and you can see the button ‘SEQ’ or ‘TRIG’
    NOte the use of start/stop with PLAY button.
    In the second video the midi clock comes from ableton, and is relayed to the CKIN jack, as you can see. Everything seems to fit tightly.
    I’m continuinig testing this!!!
    I’ll be back very soon.



    Davide Mancini

    Hello to everyone!
    Just to let you know that testing is going well and we are near 1.0.0 release!
    The following video shows a composite performance (via MIDI, in this case) of every object and function playing together.
    In the video there are three trigger sequencer tracks (bass drum, hi hat, snare) that outputs selected notes on midi channel 10 (and on three output jacks)
    For each track you can select the track length (1-8), the note (trigger) length, the clock divider (from 1 to 16) and the type (we kept the same list as arpeggiators and steseq, so you can go up, down, random etc..).
    There is also the stepsequencer that is modified in realtime with regards to the note length. The stepsequencer is based on the 8 lightstrips and you can setup many different paarameters. Clock division, step number, seq type (up,down,etc..) and gate length are the basic ones. You can also setup midi channel and two modes: free and note. In FREE mode the stepsequnecer will output a configurable CC# on midi and a plain, un-quantized voltage on CV jack. In NOTE the output will be quantized and you can choose the base octave, the octave span of the lightstrip (1-4) and the scale (chromatic, major, minor, pentatonics, etc…).
    For most of the functions you can select also to avoid sending out the midi messages, to keep the channel clean of unwanted messages; just select ‘–‘ instead of the channel number.
    other features you are observing in the video are the already present free sliders (the two right-hand sliders control two parameters in Live) adn two keyboards, KB3 with the arpeggiator active and KB1 that trigger the pad sound.
    Keep testing the thing!


    Davide Mancini

    Dear all, after a full week testing the final firmware we are happy to announce its delivery on friday, along with the new version of the manual including relevant updates (stepsequencer, triggersequencers, update procedure and the many improvements regarding clocking, play/stop features etc…). Thanks again for your patience and be ready to have a lot to experiment!!!



    Cool! Sounds like I need to re-schedule my weekend plans 😉



    Ma oggi dovrebbe essere rilasciato il firmware ?
    E da dove si scarica ?

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