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    Davide Mancini

    Dear all!!
    The firmware and updated manual are online!
    Just go to the (arches) product page and download both files.
    The manual includes a chapter with the instructions for the upgrading.
    I hope that everything is clear.
    One again, thanks to everyone that supported this and for your patience in waiting for the features you expected.
    I hope that, as soon as you start playing with the complete features, it will be clear the sheer amount of effort we put into this.
    It’s really something that have no parallel in today controllers.



    Upgraded – not tested new features yet!

    Two obersvations – 1. micro SD card could have been in an easier place where you could pop in and out with taking the keyboard off. I’m half and half on this one because once the firmware is settled down updates maybe less needed, but could be scary from those not technically minded.

    2. After taking the 6 screws out I’ve only replaced the 4 corner ones. I think it improves the feel of the keyboard although now have two holes. Never liked the placement of the 6 screws – it’s the middle ones, 4 corner ones ok, plus I know the two middle ones are in the middle but – if I was redesigning it a little I’d move them to the left of the connection panel before the keyboard starts – so off centre.

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    Davide Mancini

    Hi amiles02!
    Yes, the process of opening the product is less than ideal. As I already pointed out (and actually realized myself later), (arches) has been designed first as an eurorack module than a standalone products. This made us downplay any real ‘user friendliness’ in handling that normally is not required in eurorack!
    People is more or less used to opening, unscrewing, connecting and disconnecting things.
    On the other hand your (and many more other) suggestion is really useful to us to understand the requirements of customers.
    There is, in theory, the possibility to upgrade via USB by booting up in a particular way were the SD card is seen by the host PC as a mass storage device and you can just drag and drop your files. We will experiment with this and check if it’s really robust. It may be part of one of the next releases of the firmware.
    For now we want to make sure that evrything is working OK!
    Regarding the central screws, also in this case their position is meant to be the most ‘balanced’ from a mounting standpoint and not an aestethic one, but I can understand this evaluation.



    Ho caricato il nuovo firmware e vorrei fare alcune precisazioni riguardo le istruzioni del manuale:
    1) il file “.exe” non va copiato nella cartella delle memorie bensì direttamente nella SDcard al di fuori della cartella
    2) Nell’aggiornamento del sistema , premuto i due tasti, alla fine del caricamento del file viene indicato dal display la schermata “sound machines” , solo ripremendo un pulsante si vede la versione del firmware

    Devo invece indicare un probabile errore.
    Stavo cercando il modo di fermare il clock interno che non ha stop verso il controllo di moduli esterni, e l’unico modo che ho trovato e switch-are, in config, da interno a esterno, in questo modo il clock non genera più sincronismo, ma se nel frammenti si è modificato la velocità del BPM, riattivando il clock questo va ad una altissima velocità e non a quella indicata dal BPM, per ritornare alla velocità prevista bisogna rientrare sulla funzione BPM e ri-selezionale la velocità.
    Quindi o si trova il modo per fare lo start/stop anche verso il controllo di moduli esterni oppure va rivista la programmazione su questo passaggio.
    Spero di essere stato esauriente
    Per il resto mi sembra una macchina splendida
    Buon lavoro



    Hi – thanks for the 1.0 firmware upgrade.

    After upgrading, I got a ‘Fail’ when trying load my presets.

    Also, there’s still a noticeable latency on the lightstrips, and zipper noise when increasing or decreasing the CV out, i.e. the change in CV values is not continuous – it changes in steps, which results in an audible glitching when controlling e.g. filter cutoff frequency.



    Old presets are compatible with the new version and will fail if you try to load them from what I’ve read



    Do you mean ‘incompatible’?



    Sorry about that. Yes, you are correct



    This is most inconvenient. Now that the old Arches presets 1-3 no longer load I’ll have to recreate the settings myself.

    It’s unacceptable that a simple firmware upgrade should render previous data presets redundant.

    Will this happen every time there’s a firmware upgrade?


    Davide Mancini

    We will upload 5 more presets, including th orginal three in the new format.
    To spend a few more words than written on the manual.
    The new functions of this firmware: sequencers and midi clock/exclusion/routing, plus the ‘tansport’ functions modified extensively the underlying data structures.
    Between managing versions of the early fw’s data stracture (and investing at least one more week in dev time) we choose, FOR THIS VERSION, to get rid of the
    preset in the old format.
    Sure it’s an inconvenience, but it was more important from us to fulfill the demand for the complete firmware.
    I repeat, this is one-off. Next releases will not imply this.
    To be more detailed, we developed a preset version control that will allow us to use ‘old’ presets (from 1.0.0 on) on new version thanks to a different approach in data serialization inside of the file. In practice, when you will load an old preset made with this version in a future fw revision, it will load all the data included and take note of the data that are not present yet.
    Tonight I will upòload a new file with the three original preset plus two more (trigger seq and stepseq)


    Davide Mancini

    Ciao Maurizio
    Alla fine della procedura dovresti vedere apparire la schermata ‘solita’ dopo circa tre secondi.
    Per quanto riguarda il clock, sto provando a ‘rifare’ quello che hai sperimentato.
    Certamente il discorso del clock ‘hardware’ verso l’esterno attivo solo in PLAY ha senso, ne valutiamo l’introduzione in una release ‘di servizio’ !



    Thank you Davide for that explanation.
    it’s a pity you didn’t tell us when you uploaded the firmware revision.


    Davide Mancini

    I’m sorry, I’ve written this in the ‘firmware upgrade’ chapter on the manual but yes, it’s a big piece of info so I should have told that also ‘out’ of the manual!



    To defend Davide – not that he needs defending – sentence 2 on firmware upgrade in the manual does clearly state old presets will not work. Now I don’t know about anyone else but I did have to read the chapter to 1. Find where the SD card was; 2, understand how to program the update once it was on the SD card.


    Davide Mancini

    Hello everyone.
    Please download the 4 presets from product’s page.
    The first three are the same as old version and the fourth includes the two sequwncers.
    Download also the manual that I’ve updated with preset description.

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