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    When I use the S&H module I get noise coming through the audio, and just a very very weak pitch change. Is it broken? When I use the pink noise, the pitch change is louder, but still very weak.

    When I fist got the nanosynth there was no problem with the S&H.

    Is it broken or am I doing some stupid mistake Im not able to see?



    I think I have found what is causing the problem. It was my battery that didn´t provide enough power trough the 5v DC. Looks like it only gets enough power through the microusb.

    Is this fixable? Or do I need to use microusb if I want to use S&H?


    Davide Mancini

    Hi Marius!
    What do you mean by ‘battery’? a usb powerbank ?
    I used a USB power bank in many occasions without problems.
    Please keep in mind that some USB stuff (power supplies, pc ports, batteries etc… ) has a very wide ‘idea’ of a 5V voltage 🙂
    Sometime you get as low as 4.7V and sometime you have a very good 5.1V…
    In the first case it is possible that the S&H (and other circuits) behave out of specs…
    Can you measure the voltage comeing from your battery?



    Hello Davide!

    The voltage from my usb powerbank is 5.1V.
    Could there be something different between the 5V input and the microusb when used to power the synth or will they behave the same?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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