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    Davide Mancini

    Hi guys, trying to reply to some of your reports, others are under examination.

    -locked 4 and 5 outputs.
    Those are assigned BY DEFAULT to the thumbpads gates. You shoudl be able to input ‘–‘ on the gate button menu and have those available!

    -3rd strip ‘hold’ not working.
    Can’t reproduce this. Do you have some more info on what configuration have been made before seeing this behaviour?

    -step mute button.
    This is something to take into consideration. We have discussed about muting steps but the reverted to one of the trigger sequencer tracks for this duties.

    -5 and 6 buttons.
    As I wrote down before the release, we changed some thresholds in the firmware to ‘mute’ this behaviour. Actually there is a ‘suboptimal’ track position near the button 6 led and INSIDE of the overlay hole. When your finger touch the track the button is seeing activity. This is something that is coming from the fact that the first version of the overaly aesthetic had ROUND holes for the upper keyboard. The overlay then covered every other traces.
    We hardened the threshold but as you point out (this is something that has also to do with parameter distribution , as the behaviour is different on different products. I have 6/7 arches here and only two, for example, expose the activity on the sundmahcines logo (I’ve never seeen this!) and the other have different behviours on button 5 and 6. I don’t know what are the potential improvement that we can take with this issue, we are thinking about more ‘smart’ solutions but they are not 100% clear up to now.

    -MIDI: USB HAVE to work! I tested with many devices, PC and MACS. Please be sure to have set, on the CONFIG menu, the USB medium on MIDI I/F.
    The USB endpoint is ALWAYS active so the PC/MAC will see the (arches) even if the data are being sent on the DIN connectors or the bluetooth channel and nothing shows up on the USB midi channel.

    -TOP LEFT slider led LOSS.
    I’ve been successfull in reproducing this. We are working on this.. should be something easy to fix!

    -PANIC extension to CV/GATE due to lock up
    I didn’t experienced this. We can expand the panic behaviour to CV but I would like to have more info (i’ll keep trying myself to stimulate!) on what, in your opinion , can cause this! It would be very helpful.

    Finally, I’ve found some more little bugs myself, so I tell you some workarounds, to avoid them until next fixing release:

    “blank slate status”, I discovered this in managing the preset #3:
    OUTPUT management has a bug where, if you want to set every control as a FREE one, you have to disable the keyboards (startup preset) in order: KB1, KB3 and KB4.
    If you don’t follow this, you free everything but the 17, 18 and 19 outputs!

    “USB abrupt cable detachment”
    If you detach the USB cable while you are sending data to PC/MAC, the (arches) will most problably HANG. It just freezes until you put the cable back in, when it will resume operation!
    We are trying to understand this behaviour as it’s not completely clear how this is happening.

    Talk to you soon!



    Thanks for the latest firmware. Lots of great improves and thank you for the 10v gate fix for the arp! 🙂
    Had some playaround during Sunday and the only issues I’ve found:

    – There’s no way of setting 10v gate on sequencer ot the trigger tracks.
    – Either I don’t understand how hold on the arp works, or it’s unreliable, as it’s often that I think I’ve got hold on a few notes on the arp but as soon as I remove my fingers it stops playing.

    Feature request:
    – It would be great if you could have base octave settings on the arp similar to the sequencer.
    – A way of resetting the “song position” for all tracks without having to stop everything (Very handy if you have tracks of different length and need to sync them up 😉 ).

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    Davide Mancini

    Changed the engage mode of the HOLD. Now it works MUCH BETTER and is not dependent on ‘speed’ of ‘lifting’ the finger off the buttons.
    In practice we fixed a very tight timing required relaxing to a more human interval. Now works smooth!
    This will be included in the next service release!
    10V on sequencers is under construction…

    Regarding the re-sync thing, It’s quite deep intervention. I will propose in the next day a few ways of doing it properly and ask for user’s opinion!



    Apologies to Davide – USB MIDI IS working on my Arches. I just needed to enable it (red face…)


    Davide Mancini

    AH don’t worry!!!
    I will start accepting apologies only when everything we planned for this product will be in your hand without glitches and hiccups! 😉
    Thanks again for the patience and the support!!!!



    SO, the wobbling/rattlyness of my Arches in it’s enclosure has REALLY been doing my head in so today I decanted it into a 3u euro skiff I’ve got and discovered the following reason why the metal case was shoogly.

    That’s the bottom left hole in arches, the other 5 fixings are in place and this one is basically half a hole space out (we’re talking properly out here, not a Mannequins ‘you’ll reach that if you slacken the others a bit’ out).

    Ironically, the enclosure itself sits nice and flat without the arches in it but…

    I would totally recommend this if you have the spare rails as it feels 100x more solid and nestled safely behind the lip as opposed to the rattly, exposed, bendy mess of edges that it was.



    Hi Davide – has there been any progress in updating the firmware and fixing bugs, etc?



    It feels very much like just shouting into an empty well here.

    Compared to the Mutable Instruments forum where Emilie rarely lets even the most banal rtfm questions posted sit for more than a few hours without some for of acknowledgment, this place is just a big, dark, echoey hole.




    Any news about the next firmware. We are far from stable/perfect/whatever…





    Where are we? I noticed sound machines is releasing a substantial amount of new modules but yet we’re still waiting on many key features that were promised in the original kick starter.

    Are we making any progress? If not are partial refunds an avenue we need to explore?



    Yes – unless we see some development soon, we should be requesting compensation. Failing that, some seriously critical social media posts will result.


    Davide Mancini

    Hi there.
    We have a new firmware minor release (“minor” as it doesn’t introduce new feats but it contains several fixes, including arp hold etc..) near launch first days of the next weeks, most probably.
    Frankly, after the 1.0 release we did not get a lot of issues feedback and, most importantly, reports of big problems introduced by the release.
    This thread, after the post of the 1.0.0 don’t contain many reports.
    Anyway, as said, next days I will post the list of the fixes/improvemnts that we are going to publish next week with the official download.



    Please consider these as bug reports then if that’s where we need to put stuff. It must smart a bit to see Arturia who have traditionally been notoriously bad responding more quickly and effectively to bug fixes and user feedback than here.

    I’m reaching a stage where I’m really not motivated to use arches because I can’t face the hassle of trying to configure it.

    “April 27, 2019 at 5:27 pm #12239


    I’ve been unable to use my gear for a few weeks and today sat down again with Arches to try to setup some useful overlays and I’m finding the whole thing very much like grinding teeth. I’d like to hear how everyone else is getting on with it but I find myself getting lost/stuck/disenchanted trying to just make what feels like it should be really simple overlays.

    I figured it’d be handy to make every available element apart from the XYZ pads into one single keyboard and after about a million button presses (and half of those were going back into the menu I needed because I’d somehow come out of the thing I was trying to dial in), I just couldn’t seem to make any progress and managed to unnasign some of the keys from the KB they part of but wasn’t then allowed to assign them to the KB i wanted to.

    I’d love to see the way that elements are locked up addressed (ie. let us assign anything to any group whether it’s currently assigned to another KB or not please) and more importantly, the way that elements are assigned totally overhauled. It’s so counterintuitive to have to come out of the assign page, move the cursor, go into another page, come out again when trying to edit KB notes or groups of things.

    I want to love this instrument, the interface is really, really making it hard for me to get to a stage that I can actually use it for what I’d like to.

    Anyone else got any thoughts?

    April 27, 2019 at 5:38 pm #12243


    Also: Can we be able to name our patches please? I for the life in me have no idea if Patch005 is a a keyboard in G or individual strips for controlling a mixer, or is that Patch009 or Patch094?”


    Davide Mancini

    Hello Dfyans.

    I’m somewhat “relieved” of reading your thoughts and reports on arches because it moves the discussion on another territory, that is not ‘bug report and fixing’ but usability and ‘feeling’ with the instruments. I know that there are also more ‘technical’ issues (partly solved AFAIK) but It’s important for us to draw a line.
    Nonetheless this is as important as the ‘robustness’ of the product and so it’s important for me to discuss a little more about this:

    I’ve done two or three fair trades in the first part of the year (esp. following v1.0.0) and found that the first two sentiments that I’ve had from people looking at and testing the arches were: WOW Awesome!! (1st) and then Fright! (2nd). The second one was appearing as I recounted the many things that (arches) can do, and the fact that those are concurrent. The persons whom I spoke with were curious about ‘configurabiity’ of the product and as I was entering the tiny details they asked me about configuration interface needed for this task. Obviously it’s complicated. Not buchla-complicated (use of ‘mnemonic codes’ instead of funtion names etc..) but complex nonetheless. In the end a 1 inch OLED screen and a map of the surface is a limited set of elements to play with…

    Trying to put all those functions into a stand alone unit called for two main compromises: The first was to avoid total configurability, especially introducing the concept of a limited set of keyboards. The second one was UI limitations.

    So, to start with, the user have only a finite set of keyboards to instantiate, each of those well described in the manual.
    You cannot ‘move’ an element between keyboards, for example putting a slider of KB4 as a 9th button of KB1. As far as I understood this is one of your requests in the message posted above. This is not a technical limitation but it serves the purpose to maintain ‘configurability’ on a “complex but not impossible” task. As you may have seen, the third preset have the entire arches working as single elements. Every slider, button and pads output their CV and gates (and also midi CC) independently.
    The keyboard exists as long as none of the elements involved is set to ‘FREE’ type. For us it won’t make sense to have a three-elements keyboard and then single free elements embedded into that keyboard. This will augment the perceptive chaos of the surface, as you won’t have NO WAY in recalling what element does what.

    Regarding the configuration flow I’m interested in having an in-depth discussion. I don’t really understand the ‘sequence’ you have in mind so I really would like to have a chat about this, It’s much more direct and I will have a system at hand to simulate (and obviously Samuele, the firmware guy, at hand!)
    Or, if your time-schedule is limited, I will also appreciate a small description of the ‘scenario’ that for you is more critical with respect to ‘quickly setup’ the machine. It’s totally possible that the way you intended to use (arches) at the beginning was considered marginal by the dev team (me first!!!).

    As a last point, we can program the modification to the naming of preset files but it would take a bit so I really would like to schedule this after we have worked on the other points!

    Awaiting your feedback!!

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