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    thanks for this last post. It reflects my feelings about the arches quite well. After most of the baby bugs were fixed, I never started to really use because it feels so hard to me to understand and set up a working scenario for me. As the limitations of the 1″ OLED user interface are obvious, why don’t you build a small software that can generate and transfer settings via MIDI sysex? It would be much easier to hack in what you want with an quick and easy GUI than to always dive in deep into the programmers menu logic and where everything is exactly on a different place in the menu structure than where you are. My Arches rests here, at the far end of my table.




    Freely assignable elements

    I find the ‘preset’ ideas of keyboards supplied by you really restrictive (and I also don’t actually know how to access them unless it’s just by the factory patches). these should just be groups of elements and not necessarily fixed by their location. By all means have a limit of 3 or 5 use configs or whatever fits but if I’m playing along on a KB using the left hand elements and feel like I want to add an additional couple of notes using the right hand elements (or the top row) it currently seems impossible to just reconfigure them – eg. I can assign them to KB2 or KB6 but I want to add them to KB1 and that’s not an option. If I wanted to assign 2 on the left elements, a couple of buttons at the top and 3 on the right elements that should just be a case of setting the KB settings to the same KB# and be done with it.

    Take the training wheels off and throw them away. This isn’t a traditional keyboard layout anyway so it shouldn’t need to be restricted like one.

    Each KB should also have it’s own menu where the outputs can be configured, it feels like madness to have such a flexible surface and all that space taken up by the jackfield where you can’t just assign what you want to where you want it. From a purely mental point of view, if I’m using 6 elements as free controllers for a mixed (which you can’t really as it’s so steppy with VCAs) I really want to use jacks 1-6 and not have to hunt around for whatever free ones that usually aren’t next to each other that I am permitted to use. If that uncouples jack 2 from a KB, I’m not fussed, if I want to use that KB, I’ll just assign it to another more logical to my workflow set of outputs.

    The assign sequence

    basically a huge start would be that if I’ve pressed the assign note button or the KB button (although that’s a moot point as per above) that I should see in the display that value of all the elements I select with the left hand knob so that you can easily see and change the scale without lots of in and out and in and out of menus. Every single time I need to do so much stuff that I usually forget what KB number I wanted to be assigning to the element I was aiming for or what the other notes are already set to and this would let you just scroll along – check it’s a the notes of an A minor scale you wanted, check it’s all on the correct KB# and we’re off and playing.



    Another issue that needs addressing is the unacceptable latency on the main 8 CV strips.

    There is a slight but acceptable latency on the 4 (2 left, 2 right) half length CV strips.



    CV voltages:

    All of the strips send CV in a stepped fashion, no matter which factory preset is loaded.

    Of course this behaviour makes sense when using arches as a musical keyboard, but in order to use CV for parameter control, it needs to send smooth changes in voltage as you move your finger up and down the strip.

    Is this going to be implemented?

    The LS-1 behaves in the same way, but feels like its resolution is higher, i.e. smaller steps, and thus more acceptable when controlling e.g. filter cutoff frequency.



    BUG! editing element parameters…

    If you enter edit mode (push left encoder) you can edit parameters – all OK.

    If you load a different preset while still in edit mode, you then can’t change parameter values until you exit from edit mode, and then re-enter edit mode by pushing the left encoder again.

    This is frustrating…


    Davide Mancini

    Hello to everyone.
    So, in two weeks we will release the 1.1 version.
    Improvements in many areas (menu/navigation consistency, overall speed, bugs!) and the three functions that are currently missing from the published list:

    -sliders record/play
    -single element sliders quantized output

    More details on the functions will follow. There are some implementations that are under evaluation at the moment and I will probably ask yo for some thoghts.
    After this will go live we will start discuss together the extra features that will be realized in future main releases.
    We have some ideas on ‘generative’ parametric sequencers and other interesting modes.

    Regards and have a good weekend.



    Excellent news Davide!



    Yes, very good news.



    Really good news, Davide!
    I need to say that I was ready to write all my concerns and disapointment with this piece of hardware. I was looking for something similar as is existing for Buchla. And I still see a lot of potential in Arches, but sometimes feels like in deserted island. Lack of communication is killing each relationship. This is no excluse.
    I am happy to hear about progress and still not gaving up and believe that this can became my main controller.
    I know that to develop something like this takes time, and only constructive criticism can help. And I cant bring more bugs and issues than others mentioned here. Makes no sense to repeat the same, I believe that all of them are really easy to reproduce. So trying to be patient.
    Anyhow few more words from developers are more than welcome.
    And yes, once product which was promised will be delivered, we all have a lot of good ideas how to make it even better for our worklow.



    i’ve been playing with the latest firmware a bit tonight. i’m really enjoying the new slider record functions.
    one thing i’ve had happen twice so far is the recording i made on the third slider from left playing back the recorded finger movements indefinitely with no way of shutting it off. i can stop the others as usual, but the third light strip kept playing the loop no matter what i did.
    i’ll keep playing around and see if i can figure out what causes this to happen on occasion.



    Yes – I had the exact same problem with slider 3. I could only clear it by power-cycling arches.

    CV recording works well, otherwise.

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    I’ve had the issue with Slider 1 & 7. A hard restart fixing the issue for me. I can confirm that I have been able to loop record all 8 sliders and deactivate all 8 as well.

    I have locked up the machine twice by messing with the ARP while within the mini matrix and had to reboot. Anyone else have that issue?


    Davide Mancini

    we’ve been able to reproduce the slider malfunction in three different ‘strange’ configs and UI sequences and we are addressing this now. 99% the cause have been spotted so in the next few days this will be addressed! I’ve been able to reset without restarting by enabling and disabling the relevant KEYB in sequence.
    To voidshell: Do you have a more detailed ‘status’ of the machine at the time of locking OR do you rememeber if you were modifying a particular ARP param?



    Although firmware 1.00.07 saves Step Sequencer data within a preset, Trigger Sequencer data is not saved.

    It would also be good if all config data was also stored.



    In my previous msg, I was referring to the setup data of the Trigger Sequencer (Enabled, Type, Clock Div, etc.) not the actual note data, which is saved with the preset.

    The setup data of the Step Sequencer is saved with the preset.

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