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    Thanks Davide – if I copy just the archesim.hex file to my micro SD card, it doesn’t load and arches operates under 1.0.7.

    But, if I also copy the autoprog.bcm file, (the one which gives us the crazy lightshow, which I love, by the way) then the firmware loads and I now have 1.0.10.

    Cheers, Mick



    Hi Davide – I’ve checked a few items with firmware 1.0.10

    • Tempo, Sequencer and Trigger Sequencer status and data are now saved with each preset – excellent!

    • The problem with the XY pad Hold LEDs coming on randomly seems to have been fixed.

    All good…BUT – Arpeggiator status and data is NOT saved with the presets.

    Firmware 1.0.10 brings some improvements (thanks!) but there’s still a ways to go…


    Davide Mancini

    Hi there!
    Arpeggiator’s note stack is not saved into the preset.
    Let me look inside the configuration of the arps.

    REGARDING THE UPDATE. You *should* delete the autoprog file from the SD as this will trigger a new reflash (with the light show!!) each time you turn on the arches!



    I’m still having all kinds of problems with the lightstrips in free mode. Recorded movements often can’t be stopped or reset and some lightstrips just stop working after a while. Sometimes after a while, they don’t allow you to record anymore. In fact, I’ve never had a session where some of these problems doesn’t happen.
    I really hope this is eventually fixed someday…..



    Yeah, mine has been put back in its box a few months ago now and sits under my desk in the hopes that one day it ends up being something a bit more rugged and useful and reminding me that kickstarters have only ever disappointed me.



    Yes – I’ve been experiencing those same instability problems with ‘free mode’ light strips, e.g. they won’t record. They can only be fixed with a power re-cycle.



    I’m begging!!! Please fix all the lightstrips so they work in free mode…
    The only reason I bought Arches was for recording finger movements in free mode, and as it stands, it is just not reliable. please help….. please?



    What about the reported bugs which need attention, and the promised functions which don’t work…?

    I think it’s time for some social media action.



    Yes, this thing is essentially a piece of garbage as is. I haven’t used it in months. I’ve actually debated literally throwing it in the trash out of principle because seeing it just pisses me off at this point and I can’t sell it with good conscience since it barely works.
    What a massive disappointment this experience has been.
    At least I’ve learned that I will NEVER support a kickstarter ever again.
    Arches sucks.



    Porb – I understand where you are coming from as mine has been gone for months. It started out so good but I think the eurorack/standalone idea just got in the way of very poor design. I never felt comfortable playing it, and would never trust it to perform in a live set. It suffered from poor casing, it needed a proper moulded case that is tactile and feels great to play, a display that was connected physically but just glue gunned on and finally software that worked. To be honest it was a project that was too big for sound machines to do without getting in a trusted partner.

Viewing 10 posts - 76 through 85 (of 85 total)

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