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    Hi everybody. I just wanted to invite you all to suggest resources so that newbies can learn more about Arduino and what their NS1 nanosynth is capable of.

    I’ve been reading Simon Monk’s book “Programming Arduino: Getting Started With Sketches” and I really like it. I feel a lot less intimidated. I don’t think it’s going to turn me into a coder of new modules, but at least I can look at other people’s sketches, and maybe see how I might like to try modifying them. For instance, I wish the NS1 had a much slower LFO. Maybe now I can hack one! (I’ll let you know if I do.)

    The book also explains clearly how to set up the IDE on your computer, how to connect the Arduino, and how to compile and upload sketches.

    I haven’t included a link, because I don’t want to support any particular book buying platform.

    If other people could suggest resources too, I’d really appreciate that. How did you learn to program DSP on the Arduino? I’d love to hear.

    thanks everybody




    Just go for it Christian, it is fun! 🙂

    Conserning “suggest resources” I just let internet be my friend.
    I have not read a single book in 7 years, the last I read was “More Effective C++” and that book was good!! Worth reading but that is not arduino specific (as the title suggest).

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    Niklas that’s cool!

    I’ve said it elsewhere but I’ll say it again, Niklas’ step by step instructions here http://www.sound-machines.it/forums/topic/what-if-i-want-the-original-firmware-back/ made my setup work, and made it possible for me to compile and upload sketches successfully. I am grateful for that. Anyone who is scratching their heads should go there first.

    And, just a reminder… the arduino part of the NS1 is optional! You can just plain ignore it if you feel like it! It’s up to you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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