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    Yeah thats the way I programmed my last sequencer (on a pickaxe chip though), so the recording began with the first note played on the ribbon controller (an 18 inch ribbon!). Basically you pressed a record button to start the chip listening, then after you had input 16 notes, it would automatically start playing the sequence.

    When I program my next sequencer, I’m hoping to have one step channel, which would determine the length of the sequence, then a couple of real time channels that loop in time with the step loop. A bit like a looper pedal, but with multi channel cv outputs.



    It workes for about 1/2 minute then my nanosynth hangs.

    The other firware is working and my own developing is working.

    Are you sure that it is just digipot removal that will fix it?

    (And what the hell is digipot, try to google it go into forum in arduino, in the code, some IC chip somewhere that it writes to, I dont even know what it is (A to D) no idea. No info. Nothing, but that is not related to this question.)


    Davide Mancini

    Hi Niklas!
    DIGIPOT stands for Digital Potentiometer. The NS! has an MCP42100 IC that implements four potentiometers (100K). The last of the first three jumper rows shows (in a quite conventinal way) four pots (A to D). There is a firmware (which can be downloaded from the official soundmachines GitHub account) that receives MIDI CC# (from 30 to 33) and translates those to ‘pot positions’.
    If you, for example, connect the ‘upper’ terminal of the pot to 5V and the ‘lower’ terminal to 0V, you can pick, at the central terminal, a 0 to 5 V voltage based on the CC#value!
    If, on the same central terminal, you connect a 100uF capacitor to ground (keep an eye on polarity) you can implement a variable portamento module driven by MIDI!




    Fanx Davide, your explanatiom made it total clear, COOL! Some idea to extends the manual with this info? Others like me does not see the naming of digipot as obvious… And it is good info 🙂

    Anyway, I have still problems with the mozzi firmare (i know about the nanosynth git repo I am using it 😉

    I think that the arduino part is going om its knees, will try to look through the Mozzi documentation if one can make some optimization on interupters or simular.

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    … And I found it!! I had tested getAnalogInput. By that I needed to put a define to true:

    What I didn’t notice was that I filled almost the hole memory and in runtime it uses it crashed therefore. So avoid doing ‘#define USE_AUDIO_INPUT true’ on NS1 for me in the future by other words.

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