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    I just got the hang the last days to write a new firmware based on help classes (wrappers, etc) that I am using myself. The flow is allot of inspiration from the original one as some of the code even if one does not see it.

    But it comes with a swist, it has model-view-controller thinking and allot of callbacks, some template and the fist version is not done yet. It is not the normal arduino stuff (I think I am breaking allot of arduino code guidance on purpose). I don’t follow code convension from Arduino, just my own guts and experiments.

    And it is not a finish firmware, it is a “work in progress”/vanilla.
    Stucturewice I try to keep the code as flexible as possible.
    My only guidens it that its orginial features chould not go over more then 37% of program storage and 30% dynamic memory right now. After that I try to focus on performance.


    Besides you need to download a external libary and put it your home libary folder/dir.

    Not many comments in the code. I hate comments, programmer forgets about them and suddenly they are outdated. Try to make ‘clean code’ and understandable as possible.


    If you boneheaded and download the code for a try out:

    knob1 to ‘A1’.
    knob2 to ‘A2’.
    lfo square to ‘6’.
    ‘5’ to envelope as original.
    ‘dac0’ to v/oct.

    A1 gives glide between tones. Higher value more.
    A2 gives mode in the order: Single note, allpegiator up, allpegiator updown, allpegiator random.

    And by the way, I welcome “creative crittisism”, “feature wanted” or comments in general.

    Will write a README.rnd and do a “fritzing” after a while.

    Happy monday!



    There are some things in the codebase you could strongly can argue against.
    Like horrible 16 bits arithmetics that can be reduced by lookuptables or other optimizations.
    They will be addressed later.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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