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    Ok, just took delivery of my NS1 this morning, and despite the rather thin user manual I’ve pretty much figured out what most things do. I mean no offence, but there is a lot of essential info missing from the manual, for example, how to connect to pin9 for an additional sawtooth (I had to read the code to figure that out).

    The logic pins I understand well enough, although I have never used logic circuits in a synthesiser before, but what exactly are the connectors to the far right of the board, e.g. SB1 SB2 etc.

    I have managed to figure out that the Mozzi sawtooth waveform comes from pin 9 of the Arduino, and easily worked out the midi outputs on DAC0, DAC1 & pin5 from reading the manual. But are there any other pre programmed connections on the Arduino side that are undocumented in the manual that might be of use without uploading new sketches? (or is that it for now?)

    So far this is working very nicely controlled from my iPad and cross patched with my Moog Werkstatt so its all good 🙂



    The werkstatt looks like it’d sound really wicked with the NS1!!

    The sensor blocks are supposed to be used like a breadboard. It’s just to add extra components and connections onboard. I was super confused by them when I first got it as well.

    I have never used the stock firmware, but if you do end up using Arduino, digital pin 4 is connected to the power rail and the DAC IC. Not sure what it does because I haven’t used the DAC yet.



    Ah that makes sense now, it’s handy for the 0v & 5v if nothing else. I just need to brush up on my C coding and get more info on the Arduino platform (been working in Swift on the iPad for the last couple of years).

    The NS1 sounds great with the Werkstatt, that creamy ladder filter on the Moog really takes the sound up a notch (I find the NS1 filter a bit too shrill when it goes into feedback). I actually bought the NS1 as an upgrade to the Werkstatt to add a lot of extra functionality that Moog left out of their synth (S&H, Noise, more waveforms, clock dividers, multis, mixers etc).

    Interfacing is easy because the Werkstatt works well on 5v inputs anyway, and has that header based patchbay like the NS1. The main thing is to feed the NS1 oscillator directly into the Moog VCF in, otherwise you get a lot of distortion.

    I also have a Dreadbox Erebus which works nicely with the Moog and NS1 with the right cables.


    Davide Mancini

    Dear All,
    in apologies for the lack of the Sensor Blocks documentation please have a look at the following picture.
    The two SB1 and SB2 have been designed to allow the connection “without other wires” of several components.
    As you can see, the position of the 5v, 0V and the common wires are a perfect match for some components:
    in particular, SB2 is perfect to add a 9mm standard potentiometer to generate a voltage between 0 a 5 v by simply inserting it in the header.
    The SB1, on the other end is more generica and in the picture I use it to connect an LDR (as in a voltage divider circuit) that goes directly (white lead) into the vcf cutoff CV!
    Hope this is good to start some more experimentation!!!!!!





    Ah cool! just so happens I have a few of those pots lying around, I’m going to have to play around with them now 🙂

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