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    Re: the mixers, the manual says:
    “The ‘secret’ is the ‘saturating voltage’ of the mixers and sum/sub blocks.”

    Re: the sum/sub, the manual says:
    “Those blocks are powered with 0V and 5V and everything that surpasses that voltages will be engulfed in a time -­‐ space cuspid that will make it disappear. Or, with other words, the adder/subtractor will saturate.”

    I do not have a schematic available (I understand if soundmachines wants to keep this confidential, but does it exist), but this sounds to me like some kind of clamping circuit or alternatively an op-amp being driven rail to rail. Is this this the case? Within reason it sounds like the sum/sub can be fed negative voltages and reasonable positive voltages over 5v (e.g. < 12v say)?

    I am not an electronics expert, so I will probably air on the side of caution, but if someone this is the case, it seems like those modules could be fed with audio from other sources (ignoring for a second that Sound Machines has the nice module for interfacing with eurorack) and the circuits would come out fine as long as the input signal was not absurd. So for example with the mixer, one could mix 2.5v with the output of a Korg Monotron (for example… 😉 )? Then feed that output to the pitch of the osc and have weird FM synthesis?


    Davide Mancini

    Hi there!
    The mixers and the add/sub are implemented with rail to rail opamps that are powered with 5V.
    It’s not safe to go with negative voltages on the exposed pins, but a series resistor and a couple of diodes will protect the NS1 from out of range (ad this is the circuitry on the cited nanobridge). If you have a breadboard at hand you can easily do this!
    Regarding the example you bring in (monotron) you are right, if the output of the monotron (or any synth) is not bigger than 3/4Vpp you can safely put it into the NS1, also as you suggest, in one if the channels of the add/sub or the mixers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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