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    Hello there,

    I am having problems tuning the ns-1. Using the tune knob and a tuner I can easily set the initial note, usually a C3. The problems start when playing. As I go further away on the keyboard the tune goes down slightly on every note. On C4 I have lost 15 cents, so it’s quite noticeable.

    Have anyone noticed the same? Any hints?



    Davide Mancini

    Hi Mr Bijou!
    We calibrate the nanosynths one by one to track at least 4 octaves so it could have happened that during the packaging the V/oct trimmer was touched and got out of scale… The tuning is pretty simple once you take off the metal bottom case…
    I don’t have an NS1 with me at the moment to take a pic but let me try to define a procedure:
    -before doing anything discharge yourself (touch any metal appliance surface or heating pipes or the external of your washing machine :).
    -take off the four plastic rivets and detach the board from the metal case. Be sure not to damage components and touch them the least possible.
    -Turn the NS1 over to expose the compoment side.
    -with the USB port on the upper left side you can see a light brown trimmer (it’s the only one of this kind) with a small brass screw on the top.
    -our calibration procedure is the following:
    1. connect to a pc with a midi software
    2. connect the v/oct input of the VCO to the DAC0 (as in the standard midi patch)
    3. put out a C2 note on, the DAC will output 0,00 V
    4. turn the TUNE pot fully counter clockwise (lowest freq) this should be more or less 30hz)
    5. now turn the tune pot up until your tuner sense a C
    6. now go the other C notes and, if sharp turn the trimmer slowly counterclockwise, if flat the contrary.
    7. repeat this for the octaves until everything feels OK
    (NOTE: if you have just a USB connection the DAC won’t be able to correclty output the last 2/3 notes of the 5 octaves, as the normal volts supply from a usb port or power supply is much less than 5V, normally 4,7V)

    Let me know how it goes!!!!!



    I got it. Now that I see it I think is pretty straightforward. Thanks for your help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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