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    Dear Davide and everybody

    I was very happy to see this great interview http://audionewsroom.net/2016/12/the-birth-of-an-all-in-one-sound-machine-modulor114-interview-with-soundmachines.html

    in which you mention “I can’t say too much here about what’s coming up, but we are studying something that is ‘really’ west coast’ in many ways. You can consider it the Californian brother of the MODULOR114!”

    You also said, “This is the first of a self-contained product line that in 2017 will expand in several ways. We have at least two big siblings on the design table and three or four very interesting modules at various stage of development.”

    Wooo hoooooo! I know you probably don’t want to talk about these, and I’m not asking you to. (Nor am I going to give you even one suggestion because I think you are brilliant.) But I just want you to know that I (and probably many other people) eagerly look forward to this. It is the perfect next step.

    I hope that you will do a nano version as well as a Modulor version. I just bought my second NS1 and can’t wait to explore all the new possibilities. A West Coast brother or sister would make me really happy.

    All best wishes and congratulations.


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