Ladies and Gentleman, introducing the radiostar module.

Straight Connectivity between your device (Android or iOS) and your modular, without passing through a PC at all. 16 CV outputs (8 0-5V, 8 0-10V) and 8 GATE output (selectable to 5V or 10V) and sync facilities to connect with your sequencers. The module is accompanied by applications to start using it, either Android and iOS and soon the protocol (OSC based) will be made public.

Please have a look at some of our preliminary app screenshots (Android, in this case)


The ‘live’ modulation screen. You can have up to eight modulation sources (0 to 10V) and for each one you can record (R) and playback (P) your movements. A row of GATES buttons is added on the bottom. LIVE PITCH is the same, for the pitch outputs.


Keyboard!!!! with added two modulation ‘wheels’ on top. The keyboard could be polyphonic :)




An example of setup. on the XY pad you can choose which channel (both CV and GATE) will be used by that screen application. Remember, everything is running in parallel.



And this is the trace left by your finger on the X-Y pad. As with the other widget we are planning to insert quantization on all outputs… if you want!



This is a prliminary post. You can find more information on Muff Wiggler forums.

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  1. Hi FSK1138!
    The module is 28HP and the price will be around 450€ + VAT in Europe.
    Availability will be defined soon!

  2. Hi Kima, the most simple way to have updates is to subscribe to the site’s RSS feed.
    We plan, in the near future, to install some email warning plugin but for now I suggest you to use this method.

  3. I want to buy few modules from you…
    The radio, the lightpipe matrix module, etc.
    Please let me know when they’re available