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Hi – I’ve been awaiting for arches fro a long time and having fun getting into it.

A few observations:

1. There is noticeable latency on the light strips, but much less on the buttons and sliders. The light strip on the LS-1 is much better than these light strips.

2. The gate output from the thumb pads is not a constant on/off gate (like a synth keyboard) but a continuous stream of repetitive short gates, i.e. a pulse waveform. Maybe this is configurable?

3. When using the upper buttons for CV/Pitch/Gate, releasing the buttons causes a partial re-trigger of the CV output. When used to control VCF cutoff frequency this results in a ‘blip’ in the waveform on release. This doesn’t happen with the light strips or the sliders.

4. I can’t get Clock In to work. When selected, the CKIN jack still outputs the clock signal.

5. There seem to be a lot of un-finished functions in v.0.00.35.

It feels like we’re beta-testing….