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I’ve just encountered a strange pitch problem. While messing around with the arpeggiator, I noticed that the pitches didn’t sound in tune. I checked the output voltages from arches, having loaded pattern.002.arc – a 12 note keyboard, which should provide a chromatic scale from C-B. This is what I found:

1.47 F#
1.60 G (sharp)
1.72 A (slightly flat)
1.84 Bb (sharp)
1.97 C
2.10 C# (sharp)
2.22 Eb (slightly flat)
2.34 E (sharp)
2.47 F#
2.59 G (sharp)
2.72 A (slightly flat)
2.84 Bb (sharp)

I power-cycled arches and the pitches were then correct. Very strange.