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Davide Mancini

Hello to everyone.
I am really sorry for the problems that some of you are experiencing and, first of all, for not being able to cope with communication here.
Mainly we are working to finish the two sequencers, trigger and stepseq. Because we want to produce something correct and, possibly without added ‘issues’, we are checking the functions very carefully. Dev should end this week and I will take the weekend to re-test it with different equipment. At the same time we are taking in account of your reports on some key aspects and bugs.
Definitely some of the features (mainly the midi/clocking stuff) need more attention especially given that syncing to other equipment have to take in account lots of aspects (pulses width and amplitude, etc..) and it’s quite impossible to test all the possibilities.
I will append to the end of this message a series of focused questions for some of you.
Reagrding the hardware. As I wrote in other spaces I think that the dual nature (standalone/eurorack) of the arches put some limitations on the ‘finish’ aspect (and also substance) of the product, screws on the front plate’, less than perfect assembly and application of materials like the overlay, etc.. In hindsight I would have chosen a single product, maybe just the standalone. It’s not unlikely that we will build in the near future a flush case, maybe in machined wood, that solves many of the described issues with assembly. The aspect of the distance’ between the panel and the metal case is something we underestimated with the protos. This is due to the height of the studs/bolts that allows the panel to be screwed. As I wrote in another forum thread, there is no actual ‘physical’ and electrical problem with this ‘gap’ but I understand that the feeling is not very ‘confident’. We struggled a bit also to find a good layering of overlay materials to have a low interference with the touch technology, a good ‘feel’ for the fingers and a ‘removable’ type of adhesive. We are looking for a viable solution to the ‘gap’ thing.
This is a very important product for soundmachines and all of us are now wokring on the firmware to have it done right. There will be probably some other issues arising from the field usage in the future and we will address those as fast as we can. We know this is a ‘bumpy’ start that is bound to the complexity (either firmware and hardware/assemply) and we are going to have things set down correctly and smoothly.
Again, sorry for the issues BUT we are definitely going to solve those.
A few questions now:

A-There is a bug (fixed in next version) in UI that reverses the meaning of MIDI CLOCK OUT

B-As we are writing this, the MIDI CLOCK is NOT sent, by design, on the BLUETOOTH channel. USB has a bug and it don’t send CLOCK OUT when also sending NOTES (solved) but, contrary to what I have read in one post, the MIDI DIN outputs midi clock correctly. Please be sure to have set ‘MIDI I/F’ to DIN.

C-CKIN: it seems that some of you have used it correctly (at least with some equipment) and others never get to use it. To enable the CKIN you have to select ‘config’ menu CLOCK SOURCE as CLK IN and confirm that. Due to the bug described above, set to the MIDI CLK OUT to ‘ON’. There could be some interferences in the firmware. I checked the CLK IN with a simple LFO right now an the arpeggiator is running OK. PLease tell me the modules/equipment that you are using to drive the CKIN input on (arches) so I can check out the specs and voltages.

D: MIDI CLOCK IN —> CKIN clock out. This HAVE to work. We check the output functionality for each product during the testing and the simple sequence is having LIVE outputting MIDI CLOCKs on the DIN interface and switching teh clock to external I see the BPM changing on the fly on the CKIN output.
Let me know if you are NOT experiencing this and what is the (arches) configuration!

E:I will check also the ‘tuning’ thing that happend to one of you. The Reference to the DACs is a very precise IC and doesn’t have particular problems in outputting the buffered voltage. I am thinking about a bad table load (as you know you can change standards on the arches, buchla etc). Did you changed this setting before the issue appeared?

Awaiting for your feedbacks.

PS I set the notifications on all the threads so this will allow us to be ontime in a better way.