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Interesting – did a few more checks this evening.
Clock from ERM Multiclock (analog out) into arches clk in.
At first seemed to act strange and I just could not get it to work correctly.
Then all of a sudden the arp from arches acts correctly and in time.. not sure how or why?
Maybe not registering the setting when pressing the knob function. The only other thing a noticed is there seems to be a little Latency between finger key press and sound.

Hopefully, once all the features are there later firmware upgrades can be more of refinements. I’d be still worried playing arches live, in that one minute it would work, but the next not. So refinement and stability after all the features are implemented is a must.

I understand the enclosure thing… I can understand the thinking behind stand-alone/Eurorack. To be be honest Euroracking an Arches would, for me anyway, would be a waste of good module space. So I was never going to rack mine but would be interested in a new design enclosure if it made the playing experience better. I’ve sort of got use to the screws on the front panel.