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Here’s a few suggestions / wishes:

Multiple output on one key. E.g have a touch strip send to multiple outs with different CV range settings.

Having the option to set min and max value of touch strip. and maybe even a value for each corner of the pad so you blend between the four corners.

Overlays or what ever to call it – The possibility to setup the arches so you can have multiple keyboards on the same keys. And use for instance top row buttons to switch between keyboard

Super wishlist:
Add support for some form of scripting (Lua, custom, whatever) so I can totally customize the behaviour of each key – wether it should send values in a range, send to multiple output, generate LFOs based on touch value, switch to a new context mode with new keyboard setup, …. endless possibilities 😉
Naturally this would need to be scripted from a computer and send over as it would be tricky to do on the machine