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Davide Mancini

A little update on the firmware.
I am currently testing both sequencers running in parallel with arpeggiators. Most of situations are fine, some interaction between the UI and the actual status of the layers (remember that sequencers shares the same physical space’ of the keyboards and you are able to go back and forth with the two touch buttons ‘TRIG’ and ‘SEQ’.
The trigger sequencers are actually 5, instead of one trigger seq with five tracks. This means polyrhythms, different gate length and clock divisions.
We took some more time to fix/improve many of the reports you’ve made.
A big improvement is the use (new!) of the PLAY pushbutton. Now, it will start (and stop) all the previously enabled ‘timed’ functions at once, allowing to have a sync (this makes sense especially for the new sequencers). You can, obviously, enable and disable the single functions as you prefer during the performance by using the menu.
Regarding the reports of the HOLD engage for the arpeggiators, I have made a rough description on the manual…
The HOLD will engage solidly (with all the note that are playing) when you push it and release it WHILE you are keeping your fingers on the strips (or buttons) that you want to arpeggiate. It is, on the other hand, quite common to lift off the fingers at the same time from the keys and the HOLD button and this can trigger the ‘issue’ of not having all the notes held correctly. Please try this, I am updating the manual right now along with the other stuff and the procedure to upgrade the units.
I ask you for some more days of patience, At this point we are testing the new firmware including fixes and I REALLY want to deliver days/weeks/years of fun.