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Davide Mancini

Hello everyone!!!
Just did a pair of quick videos tonight before coming home.
We solved a lot of problems, the firmware is still under revision for the most strange use cases, switching of context, changing midi channeles on the fly, and, in general, user’s wanderings.

I just uploaded two vids to dropbox for a quick view:
Stepsequencer with scale, playing along three channels of trigger sequencer for drum duties and a couple arpeggiated keyboards.
Stepseq is quite simple to explain, you have many options like FREE output (0-5V in CV or 0-127 in midi-CC) or NOTE, where you can set midi the base octave, the octave span of the slider, the scale of what you are playing and timing parameters like gate length, clock division and sequence lenght, from 1 to 8.
Trigger Sequncer is more powerful than we initially planned for. you can set each ‘track’ (up to 5) with different gate length, clock divisions etc..
Everything is sent to ableton live via USB midi.
Switching context is easy and you can see the button ‘SEQ’ or ‘TRIG’
NOte the use of start/stop with PLAY button.
In the second video the midi clock comes from ableton, and is relayed to the CKIN jack, as you can see. Everything seems to fit tightly.
I’m continuinig testing this!!!
I’ll be back very soon.