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Freely assignable elements

I find the ‘preset’ ideas of keyboards supplied by you really restrictive (and I also don’t actually know how to access them unless it’s just by the factory patches). these should just be groups of elements and not necessarily fixed by their location. By all means have a limit of 3 or 5 use configs or whatever fits but if I’m playing along on a KB using the left hand elements and feel like I want to add an additional couple of notes using the right hand elements (or the top row) it currently seems impossible to just reconfigure them – eg. I can assign them to KB2 or KB6 but I want to add them to KB1 and that’s not an option. If I wanted to assign 2 on the left elements, a couple of buttons at the top and 3 on the right elements that should just be a case of setting the KB settings to the same KB# and be done with it.

Take the training wheels off and throw them away. This isn’t a traditional keyboard layout anyway so it shouldn’t need to be restricted like one.

Each KB should also have it’s own menu where the outputs can be configured, it feels like madness to have such a flexible surface and all that space taken up by the jackfield where you can’t just assign what you want to where you want it. From a purely mental point of view, if I’m using 6 elements as free controllers for a mixed (which you can’t really as it’s so steppy with VCAs) I really want to use jacks 1-6 and not have to hunt around for whatever free ones that usually aren’t next to each other that I am permitted to use. If that uncouples jack 2 from a KB, I’m not fussed, if I want to use that KB, I’ll just assign it to another more logical to my workflow set of outputs.

The assign sequence

basically a huge start would be that if I’ve pressed the assign note button or the KB button (although that’s a moot point as per above) that I should see in the display that value of all the elements I select with the left hand knob so that you can easily see and change the scale without lots of in and out and in and out of menus. Every single time I need to do so much stuff that I usually forget what KB number I wanted to be assigning to the element I was aiming for or what the other notes are already set to and this would let you just scroll along – check it’s a the notes of an A minor scale you wanted, check it’s all on the correct KB# and we’re off and playing.