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I’m wondering if there’s a timeline for when the recording of finger movements will be implemented. That’s pretty much the whole reason I purchased the arches. I wrote an email to Soundmachines during the kickstarter and was told at that time that the strips could record 10 seconds of finger movement and that they were planning to get the recording times up to 30 seconds per strip.

This, this and more this.

Over on Muffs, Davide posted this today

I want to point out that after 1.0 firmware delivery, we are talking now about UI improvements and not any more about serious lacks of functions/bugs. I hope that everyone here updated the firmware!

I don’t know how to read that. The worst reading of that would be that they are not going to even attempt to implement touch recording etc now. I guess it depends on how you interpret the difference between a UI improvement and a lack of function.

Doesn’t make me feel optimistic.